18th-19th-20th JUNE 2024 / KURSAAL / SAN SEBASTIAN - SPAIN


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Main Topics

Welcome to the Congress Main Topics section, where we delve into the central themes and groundbreaking innovations that will shape our event.
Discover the forefront of knowledge and expertise in these vital areas.

Contributions on other topics related to the Congress areas are also welcome.

Lubricants and lubrication management

· Lubrication excellence
· Oil analysis targets, alarms and limits
· Green lubrication.
· Lubricants
· Greases
· Additives
· Lubricants testing
· Special fluids

Tribology (in collaboration with IBERTRIB)

· Friction and wear.
· Coatings and treatments.
· Components: bearings, seals, transmissions, gears…
· Special environments

Maintenance 4.0 and condition monitoring

· On-line sensors.
· Lubrication maintenance practices.
· Machinery diagnostics through lubricant analysis.
· e-Maintenance
· Reliability and sustainability